Enhancing your Memory: Through Good Food and Acupressure

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Believe it or not, you can enhance your memory with a good diet; making the needed changes can also make you more alert and energized.


When you are under a lot of stress your gastrointestional system can become weakened, making thinking about anything more difficult. You may find it very hard to concentrate with stressful times in your life.

The Stress Triangle

Chronic stress in the head, neck and shoulders  can cause chronic fatigue and lead toward memory problems due to  the tension inhibiting circulation to the brain.

What kind of diet improves your memory?

1. Stop eating foods that are high in sugar. According to Chinese medicine, sugar is addicting and puts a strain on the pancreas and this is what damages your memory and your mental and emotional stability.

2. The sugar you eat also puts  your sugar levels out of whack. Poor memory and concentration  can also be a result of hypoglycemia. Shortly after eating sugar, your blood sugar rises, producing a burst of energy. To balance this sharp increase your pancreas overproduces insulin and too much insulin drastically lowers the blood sugar level, causing fatigue and impaired memory.

3. To stabilize blood sugar levels try eating more complex carbohydrates such as fresh vegetables and whole grains. Complex carbohydrates are broken down into sugar in the bloodstream at a much slower rate, which keeps your blood sugar steady.

Some examples: Miso soup, herbal teas, fresh wheat grass juice,  sprouts. These are excellent for balancing blood sugar levels and for benefiting the memory.

Some acupressure points that you can use to improve your memory and concentration

1.  One Hundred Meeting Point: The crown of the head To find this point, follow the line from the back of both ears to the top of the head. Feel a slight hollow toward  the back of the top of the head. You can feel a slight hollow toward the back of the top of the head.

Benefits: Good for mental concentration and improving memory, relieves headaches.

2. Sun Point: In the Depression of the Temples: One half inch to the outside of the eyebrows.

Benefits: Improves memory and concentration; relieves mental stress, headaches and dizziness

3. Middle of the Person: Two-thirds of the way up the upper lip to the nose.

Benefits: This improves memory and concentration; relieves cramps, fainting and dizziness. The effectiveness of this point often increases by pressing it firmly each day over a period of several weeks.

Taken in part from: Gach, M.R. ( 1990) Acupressure’s Potent Points. A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments. New York, NY. Bantam Books