Heading toward Winter Months: Time to keep yourself Healthy and Well

Take some long walks during Autumn to see the wonderful colors. And eat some colorful foods such as squash and sweet potatoes. They keep you healthy and well!



Keeping those  extra pounds away for the winter months

This is the time of year when people begin to put on the pounds, so care needs to be taken in what you eat.

There are very nutritious foods for the fall and winter months that can not only keep you healthy and well, but can also help with weight maintenance.

Weight Maintenance: Try making soup!

Staying the same weight in the winter as you were in the summer can be difficult.

I try to stick with soups. They seem to satisfy me more in the winter, plus keep me warm.

It has been written by many authors that people who eat soup are thinner than people who don’t.

So plan on some different recipes, and experiment with the veggies that you love.

Today, I will give you a few tips:

Creamy soups

You do not have to use cream or whole milk to make creamy and delicious, low calorie soup.

I use milk alternatives such as almond milk to make my soups creamier. ( I usually put them in as the last ingredient after the soup has simmered)

For example, sweet potato soup can be chunky or creamy, depending on what you do with it. I like it both ways, or a combination.

I cook some sweet potatoes until tender. Let cool.


Mash or cream them in a blender. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Then  stir in some almond milk. This type of soup can be served hot or cold.

Veggie Soup

I  start my veggie soups with a can of V8 juice ( low sodium)

I use the small cans. The 4 ounce can with another 4 ounces of water make a great start to a healthy veggie soup. I begin by adding the vegetables that take longer to cook such as fresh carrots. Whatever your pleasure, the more veggies, the better. For a heartier soup, I add quinoa, my favorite grain. You can also add some pasta instead.


Give your salads some extra ingredients  in the cooler months

For my lettuce salads in the winter, I lose the tomatoes because they do not taste that great in the winter, and I add black olives, artichoke hearts and some chick peas.

For my winter dressings I use oil and vinegar  ( half and half) with a touch of fresh ginger chopped finely.

I also make  some citrus dressings made out of tangerines and/or grapefruit juice with a pinch of fresh garlic, sage and basil.

 De-Stressing Methods in the Winter Months

To keep yourself stress free in the winter months, you can also try some aromatherapy for you baths, or for spraying around the house.

Since we are indoors more in the winter months, experimenting with some essential oils can be helpful to your health.

Here are a few tips from the book: Women’s Choices in Natural Healing by author Adriane Fugh-Burgman.

Basil- nature’s nerve tonic. Mix 5 drops of pure essential basil  oil into a thimbleful of alcohol with 4 ounces of distilled water and place in a clear spray bottle. Store in the refrigerator. Shake well before using and avoid your eyes.

Clary sage- the mood elevator. Clary sage oil is a great mood elevator, but do not mix with alcohol.

Geranium – hormonal balancer. When added to your bath or mixed in your lotion. It can balance mood swings and ease depression.

Oil references taken from:  Fugh-Berman, A. ( 1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press