What goes around, comes around!

Today, begin to develop an awareness of yourself, and then you can decrease your stress and anxiety. Find new ways to deal more effectively with losses and grief  by learning how your actions become your consequences through the laws of cause and effect.



What if I had done?…

This question is in hindsight.

A question that many of us ask ourselves. If only I had done things differently in that situation, things would be different today. If I had not have been so angry at that person, maybe things would have turned out better. If I only could forgive, I would feel better.


Nothing is random. Everything that happens in our daily walk through life, happens for a reason- a rational, meaningful reason called cause and effect.

Your actions  today will lead to a certain type of consequence, sometimes good, and sometimes not so good.

When you begin to see things with a cause and effect, you can see your problems in a different light.

Viewing what happens to us through the law of Karma can help us to grasp that nothing happens without a reason.

Everything that happens is interconnected. If we act with anger, the consequences will be painful, and create  other future angry behaviors.

If we act with kindness, the consequences will be harmony and we can feel the joy within our body, mind and soul.

Whatever you do will come back to you.

The good news is that we can change what happens to  us by changing ourselves into a better person. This will change our destiny.

You are not stuck in the interwoven fabric of life. You can step out of it and begin a new, positive chain of events that will make your life better.

The Beginnings

Start with acts of kindness to others. Stop being so angry. Forgive those people that you feel have done your wrong.

Taken in part from: Lesser, E. ( 1999). The New American Spirituality: A Seeker’s Guide. New York, NY. Random House.