When have you last stopped to see the beauty of nature?

Reflecting on the spiritual side of living. How can I be a better person and have a loving heart for others?

The Spiritual Side of Living

I would like to believe that my spiritual side has stopped to see the beauty of a rose, or the newness of a newborn baby, or even the small things in life that are a daily occurrence like the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning.

Are we so obsessed with living in the future, making plans and getting our “needs” met that we have forgotten that there are things in life that are simple, loving and need to be cherished?

When you take that first sip of coffee in the morning, do you appreciate the fact that it wakes you up, or do you value more the fact that you have woken up this morning??

Are you so pressured with  plans for the future that you have forgotten the precious moment to moment activities that should be valued?

Our Life Time Clock; do we have one?

I believe that I have a time clock in my body and spirit  that says~” Yes you only have so many days on this Earth, and I know how long it will be.”

On the day that I shall pass this world into another demension, I hope that I am ready, and not just doing something meaningless, rushed or even done with anger in my heart.  I want people to remember me as a kind soul who helped a lot of people. I want to do some things with meaning, so that my spirit can fly above feeling good!

Where does one  begin?

Forgiveness is probably the first task at hand. Do not let your light go out without forgiving the people who have angered or disappointed you.

Harmony: Put your life in balance right now. Balance things that have an edge. If you are too stressed, fix it. Try some meaningful ways to slow it down a peg.

Some Questions to Ponder

If you are imbalanced physically, do some active things that can help balance and center yourself.

If you lack a spiritual way of living, begin to struggle with what is the meaning of life and religion. Can I be a better person for others?

How can nature help me to be more balanced and alive? Have I stopped to smell the beautiful roses in my garden of life?