Mindfulness and Keeping in Touch With Your Spirit

Nature helps us to get in touch with our spirit. The beauty before us is amazing. Take a walk in the crisp fall weather and see the wonders.



Becoming  a mindful and centered spirit

One of the best ways to learn how to meditate is to learn mindfulness. You can do it anywhere.

Just find a quiet place and begin to find your balance for the day.

When a thought comes to your  mind, just let it go like the wind. Your goal? To find a place in your inner self where there is only peace.


Peace can be found in other ways such as the quiet times you spend taking walks. I love to enjoy the peace and quiet of a good meditative walk. Only concentrating on the walk itself, and the beauty of the nature before me.


In a Mindful Way

Quiet meditative walking can really put you in a mindful way that allows you to be grateful about living and what you have in life. Be happy and know  that it is a beautiful world in which we live in.

Even with all of the ups and downs, the world continues to unfold as it should every day.


Learning to respect life as a treasure given to you is a mindful task. Believing that life is a gift that needs to be respected and cared for. Respect yourself and others. Be kind and loving to everyone you meet.


Care for yourself first, and then you can care for others who pass your way in life.

There is nothing like doing wonderful things for others. Just experiencing the smile on someone’s face when you are the giving person says it all! As you give, so shall you receive, because it all comes back to you when you care for others. Acts of kindness are always appreciated, even the very small ones like opening a door for someone, or saying hello to someone you do not know.

Your individual Wellness

Overall wellness and health consists of many different aspects. Your mind, body and spirit need to be a part of your daily tasks toward health.

Do healthy things for your body~ such as exercising. Both active ( walking/jogging) and passive ( yoga/tai chi) exercise can help you stay healthy, balanced and well.

Nourish your spirit by getting in touch with nature and your inner peace. Find time to just be.

Take care of your mind by enriching it with learning activities  (education/reading) and controlling your anxiety through de-stressing.

Learn about  stress reduction and anxiety control ( acupressure, reflexology and self-massage,progressive relaxation methods).