The Time of Year for Acts of Kindness

Take a walk with a friend and view the beauty of autumn. The colors and smells of fall are amazing!

What does love mean to you?

To me, love is something you share with a lot of people  in different ways.  In the book, A Minute for Your Health, author Stephanie Kong, MD, explains the many facets of loving and intimacy.

Dr.Kong believes that love and intimacy affect the quality of our lives, and our survival. Lonely people are much more likely to develop illnesses and die before their time.

There is healing with love.

Giving is Love

Give to others with even a small gesture like a hug!

Passing on love and kindness is what human beings are supposed to do. Without special loving relationships with others, we are very lonely beings.

Spread love by simple acts of kindness such as holding a door for someone or saying hello to someone you do not know. Spread love to your family and friends by spending time with them. Invite them to dinner, hug them when you see them. Rub someone’s feet!

Loving Ourselves

In order to be able to pass on some love to others in our lives, we must first love and care for ourselves. Give yourself some positive strokes. Plan some time for yourself to read a new book you have been putting off, or taking that trip that you just cannot seem to fit in.

If you live alone, a pet can be a very positive way to open yourself up to loving ways! As we age, loneliness can become a problem, especially in the later years. A pet can help, and of course the pet gets the benefit of having you as its best friend.

Stop and Think about your life

Think about how you days may be caught up in the pace of life that may be making you tense and irritable.  Find ways to spend some special times with friends and family.  And remember that your need for love and intimacy is as necessary as eating, sleeping and breathing.

Preventative Ways

Prevent diseases and illnesses in your life by spending time with others. Spend some quality time with others.

Taken in part from: Kong, S.H. ( 2003) A Minute For Your Health. The ABCs for Improved Health and Longevity. Roscoe, Ill. Hilton Publishing.