On Happiness: Putting Some Joy in your Life

Why do people struggle with life so very much?

Happiness is jumping in a pile of leaves!

They want “things” that make them happy, or they think they do! They push through life “like a bull in a china cabinet”, trying to get with they want, or think they want. The trouble may be that they really do not know what they want, and never even think about just being happy about what you have!


What should we want?

I  want some joy in my life. I  want to sit here today and smile about what I have, not think about what I don’t have, or will never need.


If we could get only things that we need~ it  would be better for us

We could still pursue “things” but if we didn’t need them, we would not get them~ maybe that is what is happening right now. Maybe you do not have the things you  think that you want, because you don’t really need them.

The Question: Are you happy right now? If you can answer yes, things are probably pretty good~ if not, you may need to try some new things.

Are there some goals in life that you have not finished that seem to need completion?

Maybe you should take another look at life in the fast lane, and slow down to smell the roses. Check out the scenery of life. What are you missing by  not paying attention to the wonders of living life fully with joy?


Maybe you really are unhappy, and need to make some changes in life that can bring joy.

Maybe our only pursuit in life should be happiness. Forget about everything else and just be happy with yourself and others who are in your life.

Accepting things the way they are

Begin to accept the way things are, and then happiness will come to you. Do some special things for someone else, and it will create a spiral of happy events happening to you.