Taking it down a notch

The Pumpkin, a sure sign of fall.



Sometimes we are just so full of activity that it hurts our balance in life. Every day we have a multitude of things to do. So  many things, we find ourselves forgetting something. Or maybe wanting to slow down a bit!

I have found that writing things down helps, but what really helps is to have some down time to rest.

If you find that your life is too full, then balance it better.

Take it from some authorities like Elson Haas, MD. He believes that we have to make changes with the seasons. Fall is a time for some changes that we may not like. We need to slow down a bit, but we don’t feel like it. We loved the summer fun and activity, and now we are supposed to enjoy a little slower pace.

Maybe if we begin to take it one step at a time, we will learn how to take life easier!

Here are some tips:

Take some time to gaze at the beauty of fall. The colors, the smells and the cool air. In New York, we have such wonderful changes during fall.

Eat seasonal fruits such as apples. I cook them, sprinkle them with cinnamon and place them on top of my oats in the morning. Take up some projects that are calming. In autumn, the days become shorter, therefore we need to spend more time at home. Night is now longer than the day. Plan some productive things with your family.

Begin to lighten yourself. Remember that things are slowing down, so you need to eat lighter meals. Try experimenting with making different kinds of soups to warm you on cool days.

The Metal Element in Autumn

( The 5 Elements are: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire)

Metal in Chinese elements represents the mineral ores and salts of the Earth which creatures structure and communication. For example, metal wires establish connections and conduction of electricity. Think of your brain and nervous system as your electrical wiring during the autumn months.  Both Air and Metal energies are expressed in the inner activities of the mind, developing ideas, writing and speaking. This is the time of year for exploring your creativity!

Taken in part from: Haas, E. ( 2003). Staying Healthy With The Seasons. 21st Edition. San Rafeal, CA. Celestrial Arts