The little things in life matter

Autumn is such a short season between the beauty and warmth of summer and the chilling cold of winter. Plan your days out well so that you enjoy every moment of living.



What matters to you in your daily living is very important. Setting small goals, listening to a friend, taking a walk; all these simple things in life matter.


Begin to plan out the things you want to do. Some people really do have a bucket list of the things in life that they want to accomplish before they die. But some of the items are just too much~ or not well thought out.

I always believe that I need to have a bucket list too, but then I begin  to think on the smaller items that were not on my list like just calling a friend today who I haven’t spoken to in awhile, or telling my neighbor how much her friendship is to me, as she moves away are much more important than going to Italy or skydiving!


“Keeping in touch” really needs to be number 1 on my list of the little things in life that matter.

Goals/ Mission in life

Goals are great to have, but they require time. You cannot have everything you want in life. Goals have to be well planned and need to become a part of you. Post your #1 goal near you each day. Write it down and stick it near your computer so that you can see it.

My main goal (mission) in life right now: To bring physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health into someone’s life each day of my own life.

I live by this, it is really my  mission in life. I guess what we all should have is a mission statement. I believe my purpose in life is a good one because it directs me each and every day.

Some times I move toward another area where I think I can be of service, but most of the time, it keeps me successful and satisfied with my daily living.