How Far can it Go? Who should pay for what?



When you see your reflection, how do you feel? Do you feel good about the way you look? Trying to lose weight can be a long road where you need some help along the way.

Can employers discriminate against smokers?

Today, employers are beginning to make decisions about who they hire based upon such things  as who smokes. What is next? How fat you are,  how old are you, or how sick you are is also a possibility.

Can they really do this, or is it discrimination? We already have enough stigma out there, is there a new layer?

We have all been weighing things lately about who should pay for what.

Some of us feel that if someone does not take care of themselves the way we think they should, they should pay more for such things as health care.



On Smoking

On the radio last night I heard that an employer was telling people that they would not be eligible to work for them if they smoked. They were ever going to do nicotine  checks like police do for sobriety on the highway. Sobriety checks help others to be safer on the highway, but nicotine checks may be going too far.

One thing is for sure, this is out of control.

On Obesity

A few months ago in New York City, the mayor decided that people were too fat so he was banning the super sized drinks at local restaurants. Can he really do that?

I guess he can, because he did!

Can there be some positive moments here?

Some insurance companies are doing some positive things. Like giving people free memberships to the gym. Maybe all insurance companies should also do some positive things for prevention, so that their consumers are healthier.

Some campaigns are in order. Remember back when there was a campaign on dental prevention methods?

A true story

The dentists began to tell you~ make sure you floss, try to brush at least 2 times a day and get a check up every year or 6 months if you have signs of periodontal disease. This campaign worked!

Even today, dentists still give away tooth brushes and floss at their offices. This actually helped society~ hardly anyone today wears dentures today.  We all kept our teeth because some positive things were out there to help us.

Advice on weight loss

So what can doctors do but give positive advice on how to lose weight?  They can do more than direct their patients to ads or weight loss surgeries or send them off to a nutritionist to help. I am by no means saying that a nutritionist is not helpful, but most people need more. They may need to have a weight expert help them.

In every doctor’s  office there should be an weight expert. Someone who have successfully lost and maintained their weight. 

People who have lost weight through diet and exercise, and are now keeping it off can help patients with a good plan for weight loss and exercise.

There can als0 be a  Self-helpers group at the doctors office. When you help yourself, you help others too. The experts can help others see that it can be done through their own testimony.

Doctors can also direct  patients toward the many resources out there such as the government: My plate which offers suggestions on what to eat and how to exercise. They are free programs online.

On healthier America: Should People Pay More for Health Care if they Do not take care of themselves?

This has become the big question in the media because of the rising costs of health care.

Here is the real question

It is  time to get people back in shape, but is it time to charge people more who really do not have control of something in their lives such as weight? Some people have issues related to weight that is not in their control.

Addicted to food

There are so very many people who have addiction problems. Addicted to food  can be a serious  problem, as serious as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. There  should be more  addiction programs that people can enter to get better for eating issues and smoking. Maybe the insurance companies should support Health Camps: These camps that have been around for a long time, but they are too expensive for the average person. Instead of the insurance company paying for a gym membership, there should be  other choices such as a health camp.

Start with some positive prevention methods: We can all try to think of some interventions that may work to help people begin a healthier living plan:

Instead of  using the negative, and charging people more for being fat or smoking. Let us do the positive and offer help to others.

Also, there are people who have no control over the diseases that they have. They just happen to have diabetes because it is in their family. They just have multiple sclerosis or Addison’s disease. They did not self inflict it.

If we really look at prevention in a positive way, we can help more people.

My contribution to positive prevention methods: Blogging every day at- on staying healthy and well!

Begin to think about how you can be of service to others through helping in a positive way!!

Words on smoking and employers: Taken in part from The John Tesh radio show at 9pm October 24, 2012.