Why we should eat organic: Hats off to Organic Farmers

Save our planet by eating organically grown produce.


There are many people who believe that organic foods are not worth buying. They believe that they are no different than any of the other foods on the market.

This is not true. Organic farmers  are true blue farmers who are trying to save our earth so that we do not destroy it with chemicals. In Truth-Out. org there are many articles that explain the many benefits of organic farming.

The facts: The most important fact about non-organic farming is what it does to our soil.  There are many ill effects of pesticide residue related to conventionally grown produce along with the antibiotics and the hormones that taints the factory farmed meats.

Organic benefits go beyond the quality of what is grown. Because an organic farmer does not use the toxic chemicals, he is saving our earth.

The organic farmer has to be more imaginative. He has to learn new ways to get rid of pests and keeping his soil fertile.  He has to be more hands -on in his approach to framing.

The conventional farmer: Requires fossil fuels to run the large machinery, and the use of petroleum-based fertilizers deplete the would of nutrients. Conventional farming also kills birds, bees with the toxic pesticides and herbicides. This also exhausts and pollutes our ground water.

There is no argument that the modern farmer is more productive and can produce more bushels of corn.  But with the nitrogen based fertilizes that he uses contributes to the release of nitrous oxide into our atmosphere, which is a leading greenhouse gas.

In the New York Times,  they report that nearly a third of all of the planet-warming greenhouse emissions comes from agriculture and forestry.

So why not give some organic farmers some business at your local farmers markets.

Taken in part from: Schiffman, R. Truthout. Only Organics Can feed the Hungry World: Here’s Why. @ http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/12018-only-organics-can-feed-the-hungrypworld-heres