In the Autumn of our Lives

In the autumn, stay healthy with some roots and herbs.


What should we be eating?

Think about what you are eating, and how much while you head toward the fall and winter. We have to cut down this time of year, and just the thought of cutting back may be difficult.

I have found that the bright, golden and orange veggies in my diet this time of year is helpful, because they are filling. For example, a steamed or baked sweet potato adds to my lunch, while some acorn squash with cinnamon and a little stevia can make my steamed squash taste great.

Autumn should also be a cleansing time of year when we get rid of things, pack things away and change our clothing to more suitable sweaters for the cool evenings if we live on the east coast.

The crisp time of year is the time for soups, exercise and herbs.

Here are a few Herbs that are helpful in the Autumn

Here are a few herb that can energize you in the fall.  As we start to feel less active we need to turn to the root herbs.

Burdock root is a tonic of sorts, it is helpful for the skin.

Comfrey- is both root and leaf, but is known as one of the great healing plants. High in protein, vitamins and minerals, it can be used for healing and cleansing wounds. The fresh leaf can be used for wrap on sprains. The comfrey root can be taken daily as a tea.

Ginger-For some body heat, try some ginger root, sliced and simmered for 15-20 minutes, and then mix with other herbs. Ginger can also help with circulation and cold areas on the body. Just apply a cloth or towel, soaked in warm ginger root tea.

Cayenne pepper- Putting some cayenne pepper in your diet in the fall can keep you warm. Some people put it in their socks to help warm their feet.

Herb news, taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003) Staying Healthy With The Seasons. 21st Ed. San Rafeal, CA. Celestial Arts.





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