Being Imperfect helps with stress

If you like being imperfect, you probably have less stress than most people. You day is filled with things that you enjoy and people who you like being around.

Trying to be the best you can, creates a lot of stress in  life. It is a lot more fun to accept your flaws and move on.

Some suggestions on imperfection

Feel good about yourself and your imperfections. Our world is not perfect, so why should we be?

People are supposed to have flaws! No longer strive for your best~ strive for what you need and care about.


If you want to have less stress in your life, accept life as it is.

Do not try to change things all the time. Accept that things will unfold as they are supposed to. Strive for happiness instead of being driven to change everything.


When I think of happiness and bliss in my life, I think of children playing. Why can’t we just have some fun with life? Why does everything have to be work? Why can’t we just relax and live life as it is supposed to unfold.

On Relaxation

Learn how to relax and breathe… When you sigh and take some deep breaths, you are learning how to relax yourself. Breathe in peace, breathe out love.

Breathe in caring, breathe out faith

Breathe in happiness and breathe out a smile!

Be of service to others

When we help others, we help ourselves. You always receive a lot more than you give away in this world.

Squirrels need to plan ahead for hibernation. If they did not, they would die in the winter months. We need to plan some prevention for our health too!

Be the one who walks away

When you encounter a stressful situation, walk away.  Follow it with some relaxation exercises and a warm bath!

Listen to Music

Music does help to calm even the most anxious person. Make music a part of your daily routine, especially on stressful, imperfect days!

Try Prevention methods

When you prevent your problems from happening, you have less stress. Do preventative work such as being active, taking change of your numbers- glucose and cholesterol, eating smarter, not smoking and managing your weight.

Taken in part from: Kong, S. (2003) A Minute for your Health. Roscoe, Ill. Hilton Publishing