Staying healthy with humor in your life

Remember when you were a kid playing with your friends in a big pile of leaves? Those laughing and playing times helped you to be happy and balanced. Play with your friends again!


I love to laugh and sometimes I feel that crying is sort of the same thing.

Crying can be a way to get the bad things out of your body. Laughing and crying seem to have a lot in common.

I found myself on the telephone last night with a dear friend Barb. We had not talked in awhile, and our conversation led to laughter on many occasions. We must have talked for an hour, laughing at things in our past that seem really funny now that we are retired and moving on.

Earlier in the day, I spent time with another friend, Anne. She also triggers a lot of laughter in my life. I love spending time with her. In his book: Laughter is the Best Medicine, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale talks about how a positive attitude and laughter can make you healthier.

Research on Laughter and what it can do for you!

There is much research on the topic of laughter and the endorphins that are released that makes us feel good and decreases our sensitivity to pain.

Some scientist have discovered that  laughter can also promote the manufacturing of T-cells which strengthen the immune system.  T- cells can also act to remove harmful microorganisms. And regular laughter can also decrease depression and strengthen your immune system.

When you laugh, there are electrical impulses that are triggered, releasing chemicals into your blood stream that dull pain and can soothe the soul.

Friends and Laughter

Remember that laughter among friends is a type of glue that holds people together. Talk to your friends and laugh on a regular basis so that you can kindle the needed endorphins to keep you well and happy.

Taken in part from: Kong, S. ( 2003). A Minute for your Health. Roscoe, Ill. Hilton Publishing Company