Autumn Foods

Some fun recipes for your squash and pumpkins this fall.



There are so very many autumn foods, and they are colorful and good for you. Try out some new squashes. I have found that many of them are different. Even the different colors for sweet peppers is amazing. I just bought some purple peppers!

What a better way then to experiment with the great autumn harvest. I bought some large apples at the farmer’s market this week, and the person selling them said they were great for baking. But I just bite right into one, and thought it was great!

Dr.Elson Haas in his book, Staying Healthy with the Seasons believes that seasonal changes should bring about changes in what we eat.

For some balance in your diet in the fall season: Builders: beans and animal proteins, Cleansers: fruits and vegggies. Cogestors :( small amounts of these!) Sweets, cheese and breads and Lubricators: ( small amounts) nuts, seeds and oils.

Thurman Fleet, another author suggests that we consume mostly cleansing foods in the fall along with some builders to support our protein needs and lubricants for healthy tissue, and minimal congestors.

Some suggestions for what to eat:

Bake some squash or pumpkin and stuff it with a combination of brown and wild rice along with some almonds and mushrooms. This is simple, and a great autumn dish.

In the crisp autumn weather, some soup may be another easy suggestion. Vegetable-barley soup:

Add some with  such as carrots, turnip, onions, and garlic to some soaking barley and serve.

At the end of the cooking time, add some greens such as kale, celery and spinach. Then allow to simmer. Sea veggies such as dulse, kelp, or nori seaweed as well as miso paste can give the broth some flavor.

Creamy soups: Make some pumpkin or squash soup. Just steam some squash, mash it adding some milk or almond milk, which I prefer. Add some spices such as rosemary, cayenne, ginger or your own favorites.

Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003) Staying healthy with the Seasons. 21st Century Edition. San Rafeal, CA. Random House.