Goals in life: Keep on Trying

Take the path toward wellness in mind, body and spirit. Taking a daily meditative walk can help you with wieght loss and maintenance.

We all need to have goals in life that are specific to what we need and want.

The more specific you are about your goals the better.

There are a lot of methods that many people try unsuccessfully, but the truth is~ you have to write it down, figure out exactly what it is you need and then manage the steps you need in order to attain it. A step -by -step plan that is easy to follow is a good start.

It sounds easier said then done~ and it is.

Tips on Goals

1. The number one success  tip is to keep on trying no matter how much the struggle is.

2. Spend some time each day on your goal. Think about it, plan some steps and live it!

3. Post your goal somewhere where you can look at it all the time~ like by your computer. Each time you sit down~ there it is!

4. Tell people about it~ Tell your friends and family about what your goals are.

When you speak on your goals, you begin to believe you can do it, and  internalize the true meaning of your goal.

5. Have a list: You may want to just start with a small list of goals because overwhelming yourself may not be a good idea. When you accomplish small steps toward your larger goal, you will feel like you are making some progress.

Examples of Goals

I have a goal to help others attain their weight goals in life. It is a bit global of a goal, and may need some fine tuning, but I think it is a good idea.  Weight loss and maintenance is a struggle for many people, so I know that it will be a struggle for me too~ trying to help them.

Not everyone truly wants to lose weight because it is so difficult, that is why I want to help. So my job attaining this goal is difficult for me too. The good news is that I can lead by example:

I have lost and kept off many pounds of weight over the years, so my experiences are ones that can be shared with others.

Here are my mini objectives that lead toward the larger goal of helping others to lose weight

1. Help people to understand that they have to change what they are presently doing in order to lose weight and keep it off: such changes include changing one’s diet, spending time choosing good foods at the supermarket, and keeping those trigger foods out of your house. They may also need some supplements to keep them healthy when they are trying to lose and maintain weight.

2. Learning that exercise is an important component. People need to do something every day of the week.

It does not always have to be strenuous. Some activities such as walking can be increased slowly from a mile to many miles. From a slow walk to a very fast walk.

3. Choose some passive exercise such as yoga to help you with your strength and balance so that your active exercises work better.

People need to realize that stretching, meditating and relaxing are all components of staying at a healthy weight. Especially related to the stress in one’s life. Stressful times can make a person eat too much~ or eat the wrong foods.

So choose your goal, fine tune it and have it ready for you to attain!

And take it one baby step at a time!