Trying your best to stay on the positive side of life

Some fall flowers! They are so very beautiful. Take a meditative walk and see the wonder of nature.


The negative moments in life.

This one is really hard for me.

I try my best, but I fall into the trap of ugly negativity at times in my life when I am feeling overwhelmed.

What to do?

I always try some active things first.

A good jog or fast walk in the cool autumn air can shake the negative right out of me. It is like it just disappears into the clouds.

If you find yourself with this problem, try taking a camera with you when you shake out the negative. Then you also have some beautiful pictures to look at when you are in a funk!

We all know that too much stress in our life can also bring out the negative.

Dr. James Rouse, author of Health Solutions for Stress Relief talks about changing your attitude.

Attitude adjustments need to be worked on all the time!

Some short term remedies that Dr. Rouse recommends:


Teaching yourself acupressure.

When you press on potent points, you can instantly relieve such things as headaches and stomach difficulties that come with stress. I have a spot on my elbow that I press when those stressful eating times set in. At the bend of you elbow press firmly for about 15-20 seconds on each arm.  The stress eating attack stops when I do this.


Another first response to stress: Taking in some slow and  easy breaths.

Breathing deeply is one of the best ways to change what is going on inside your body. From chaos to harmony in just a few breaths.

Taken in part from: Rouse, J (2003) Health Solutions for Stress Relief, Re balancing your natural stress-resilient body chemistry. Emmaus, PA. Rodale press @