Changing Seasons means New Changes for You!


It is the fall with an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. Keep yourself healthy and well by eating an apple a day~ it does keep the doctor away!

When the seasons change, so do we. We may need to begin to make some changes. So start thinking about yourself and what you are good at to help you develop yourself and make the changes you need.

It is great to have a goal but unless it is focused on what you are good at, it may not be successful.

In order to be successful in life, you have to focus yourself on what you are good at. Here are a few tips on  the different types of intelligence.





For People interested in Learning more about themselves~

The 8 Intelligences

1. Are you a visual person? you are picture smart and love to think in pictures. Use this intelligence in your note taking- draw pictures of your goals in life.

2. Are you word smart?  If you communicate with others well and are good at telling stories, use this to your advantage when the opportunity arises in learning about new things and thinking about what you want to do in life. Today, many people stay at home to work. They are word smart and can write their way to a job writing about things they know, and researching about things they do not.

3.  Do you have musical abilities? Do you love to sing, perform, and listen to music. This intelligence can help you with everything in life including your stress reduction. Keep up on your music abilities and perform regularly.

4. Are you logical and Mathematical? If you are number smart and have good problem-solving skills, take that connection to the next level and apply your skills to your daily tasks and learning abilities. Use creative charts to help you learn new things. Think of the many problems in society and how you can solve some of the difficulties. Reflect on your logical skills daily.

5. How Body Smart are you?  Are you a learner who needs to move around, and enjoys hands-on experiences? Then use your body to create. Explore, go outside to learn and socialize with people in groups. Use your athletic abilities and grace to help others find their groove!

6.  How good are your Interpersonal Skills? Are you people smart? Do you love to socialize with others and even teach other people? Share yourself with everyone. Be a person who teaches. Gather people together and even debate with others about different information that you have researched.

7. How are your Intrapersonal Skills? You may be a person who is well aware and Self Smart. You have a good awareness of your own feelings and can reflect on things. You work well at your own pace without distractions. You may be good at reflection and meditation about the things that you are learning.

8. Do you have  Naturalistic Intelligence? You have an eye for our environment, nature, plants, animals and even rocks. Be outdoors whenever possible and choose to research and develop yourself on topics that you feel strongly about  in our environment and nature. You can be a part of saving the world from environmental problems.


Taken in part from: Armstrong, T. (1994) The Eight Intelligences.  Chapter 7 Using your Dominant Intelligence, Learning Style and Personality Type.