Moving toward the Winter Months: Are you Slowing Down?


At the farmers market in the fall, there are all kinds of squash! They are packed with vitamins and minerals along with being low in calories.




Don’t slow down now! This is the time of year when you can go into hibernation if you are not careful. Our bodies tell us to eat more and store some extra fat for the winter months, but we don’t want to!

Remember that this time of year when the evenings are getting cooler and you are finding those sweaters- you don’t want to get the baggy sweats out! Don’t fall for the easy going clothing for the winter with the elastic bands. That type of clothing can  make you grow into it.

Staying Slim

Stay slim and wear some skinny jeans and knit tops without the elastic in the pants. For guys, dress for success by wearing some nice clothes that flatter your body~ and not sweats or pajama pants!!


For good autumn meals, serve up all those different types of squash that the farmers are selling. They are very low in calories and filling, especially stuffed with some grains such as quinoa or rice. Try some new warm meals that are low in fat and calories such as veggie chili. Chili without the meat can be very good, just add more beans and some corn to your recipe along with some extra spices and sweet and hot red peppers.

Go with the seasons when it comes to exercise

Get out there on your bike and by foot. Just because it is cooler does not mean that you don’t get outdoors. Dress warm and  you will feel great with the crisp autumn evenings!