What is the Best Healthy Living Plan?

Sometimes you just need to do something consistently that helps you in mind, body and spirit. My passion is bike riding. It really helps to center me for the day.

I find myself trying out new things that are healthy to see if they fit. For a successful health goal, whatever you do needs to fit into you! You need to plan and develop it yourself so that you can tweak it up to make it good for you.

Therefore, the best health plan for your life is one that you can live with.

To really help you, the planning should consist of a good diet with healthy food choices, an exercise plan that you can live with, and a stress plan that is filled with different ideas on how to handle specific stressful events that can often sabotage your efforts at staying healthy.

The diet and the food

Choose your food wisely. Try to put more fruits and vegetables into your diet along with good nutritious vegetables of both leafy greens and colorful orange colored veggies. I love to mix it up. Remember that variety really is the spice of life. Keep your meals simple and use lots of spices that you can grow yourself.


When you are hungry,  especially between meals, choose foods that can fill you up.

I look toward grains when I am really hungry. Grains such as quinoa can be a great side dish, or eaten alone with some cinnamon for breakfast. They do not take long to cook~ about the same as rice dishes. Also, fruits such as apples and pears are great for a small snack.

Hunger between meals can also be a sign that you are thirsty. Water is so very important to being healthy and well. Try a glass of water before you eat between meals to see if that is what you need.


Mind health  and physical health

This can go hand in hand, especially if you choose mind-body health through learning yoga. Start out slow with yoga if you have not done it before. Find a good teacher. There are also good DVDs that can help you learn the basics.

Yoga practice is a personal goal of mine.

I started out as a student a long time ago. I followed a great teacher, also did DVDs and now I teach a class. And there are still many poses that I am not able to do well.  The learning of yoga is to be wherever you are, do not struggle with yoga, just be with it. It is not important to do yoga with perfection. With practice you get better and better!

The goal of yoga is the stillness of the mind, so it is a good way to decrease the stress in your body, mind and soul.

Beginning Yoga practices

When you begin yoga  poses (asanas) they provide for your training in general awareness of your physical and mental development.

Clearing your mind through mindfulness meditation can help you to find a focus in your mind that is just on the moment, not other chattering that you may  have while not concentrating. Just being in the moment is the only place you need to be.

Bad habits and addictions

This one is tough. Many people have great plans with their health. They eat the right foods, go to the gym regularly and really try to keep themselves healthy in mind, body and spirit. But they cannot give up the bad habits.

On Smoking


Choose a good stress reduction modality to use when the need to smoke is strong. (yoga, relaxation methods, tai-chi, taking a long walk!)

For my own reduction and elimination of bad habits I went to a hypnotherapist. This really helped.  After the session, I bought a book on self-hypnosis, some relaxation DVDs which is a lot like the relaxation methods in yoga, and I taught myself some  good habits such as listening to classical music, walking daily with friends, and  then the need passes.

This is something I had to work on for a very long time.