Pasta Bowls

I love the fresh smell of basil. It is a great addition to any sauce!


Everyone want something light for dinner, and pasta can be even lighter if you use Pasta Zero. It is a product in your all natural section of the supermarket or health food stores. Nasoya makes it, and the kind I buy is call shirataki fettuccine. Pasta Zero is low in calories, only 20 calories for 2/3 of a cup and 4 grams of carbs instead of 40-50 grams of carbs from regular pasta.

There is some down sides: You have to rinse it very well before cooking with it because it  comes in water that has potato starch, konjac flower,  and chickpea flour. They suggest that you par boil for 2-3 minutes or heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Or after rinsing it, heat in a dry skillet on medium for 1-2 minutes ( the skillet way is what I use). I also put some 1 tsp. soy sauce or vinegar into the pan.

Here are a few suggestions for your pasta bowl:

After heating your noodles, put to the side and steam some of your favorite veggies. I like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers of all colors, broccoli, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, asparagus and fennel. I especially like the way fennel can give your meal a great flavor. I use about a cup of each of these veggies, chopped,   and then add the noodles. Shairataki noodles come in an 8 ounce bag. I use the entire bag of noodles for my pasta bowl recipe. I add the sauce last.

Choose a light sauce. I make my own version of pesto:

I like to use fresh herbs such as basil, sage and parsley ( which I grown indoors this time of year). I mix chopped herbs, about 1 cup and add a  clove of fresh chopped garlic. I put all ingredients into my blender or food processor and  add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. If too thick, I add more olive oil and some white vinegar if I want it a little different! Makes about 1 cup.