Moving on: Making your older years better!

My view on aging is that you got to get out there and move. Walking or biking should be a part of everyone’s daily activity. Move it or lose it is a great saying that everyone should think about as they age.

Moving on to the next phase of your life

As we age, we do not want to let go of our past, especially the numbers. As I approach the next decade of my life, I am a bit anxious about the number 60. This number has a sort of threshold on me. It is the number to old age! You are approaching the time when you can collect old age social security benefits so I guess I am right about this one!

With this coming number approaching soon ( within a few years for me),  I feel that I have some unfinished  business to accomplish, and I am not sure exactly what that is. This frustrates me because I am a list person and I have completed much of the tasks on my list.

What is next for all of us?

The first thing I think of is being a positive influence on others. I know that is a general statement, but it is all about your attitude in life that keeps it a good life.

If I had to give anyone advice on their eventual old age, I would say: Get out there and live like it is your last day, every day of the week!


The hardest past of growing older is accepting it. I do not think there is anyone out there that wants to get old. Old means slowing down, old mean wrinkles and osteoporosis! But you can prevent some of these things if you start taking care of yourself earlier in life. Such bad habits as smoking and overeating should be habit reduction that you are always working on.


There is a saying that moderation is the key to a successful healthy life. I believe that this is true. If you are moderate in just about everything that you do, including how much stress you allow in your life, you will be healthy and well your entire life.