Continuing to Learn New Things in Life

The Ferris Wheel of Life Can keep you Spinning. Try some new things in life that can keep you balanced. Meditation, yoga and exercise can help you to focus on your health!



What do we need to do in order to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit? I believe it is learning new things, or perhaps brushing up on things that we may need to develop more.

Making a list of the things I want to change in my life has been a lesson for me lately. I have changed many things about myself,  including losing some weight, exercising more and socializing more with new and old friends. All of these things have helped me to grow in mind, body and spirit.

This year I have taken a  course on nutrition, one on diet and exercise, I tried a new job ( but did not succeed), I have volunteered to do a group on healthy living and I have started a home based business.

All have helped me to feel good about my accomplishments!

You may need to make a list of things that you are pondering.

Even the unsuccessful tasks that we do can help us to grow. I have learned from the different new jobs that I have tried. I also learn a lot from my volunteer job.

Connecting with new and old friends helps me to learn about the happenings in our community and gives me the needed company just to listen to each other’s new accomplishments!

So connect, learn and live life to its fullest!

Have a purpose in life that has some bumps in the road. Try new things, brush up on the old skills and do not be afraid to fail. When you try many new things~ your success rate increases!!