Things I have learned through the years


Stop all the negative moments and have some good times. Get out and dance!


I guess getting older can be a  good thing because you can learn through  your many experiences  such things as:

thinking  twice before you do something stupid,

be thankful that you do not have to do any of it over again, ( especially related to relationships)

and count your blessings that time has made a difference. This one is really important because you really need to let some things go!

This may not make much sense to a younger person, but to anyone over 50~ doing it over again is something to avoid at any cost, especially things that were not pleasant in the first place!

The Passing time

Just the passing of  time can make a difference in the way you feel about things.

Why waste your energy and passion on things that in the long run do not make much difference, especially things like holding onto a grudge.

Letting go

Let go of all of those past angry  or depressing times, and giving yourself a chance to forgive, especially those whom you have been holding onto for a long time, can be a blessing.

Sometimes when I reminisce, I thing of some bad times and forget about the good.

Next time, I will think only of the good times that were happy for me, that is my new goal.

You do not have to forget those bad days, just put them to the side, in the back of your mind, and focus on some good times in life that made you smile~ even if it was just for a moment in time.