Stillness and Flow

Go outdoors and meditate on some clouds. This will help you to relax for a few moments. You need to be still and silent at least one time a day!


When I plan on finding ways to relax, I always think of yoga and mindfulness. Trying your best to clear your thoughts can really help you with relaxation.

Yoga is the stillness of the mind so that you can let your body and spirit take over and find ways to flow.

I wrote a paper on Flow a long time ago, and  it is  still with me.

Flow is finding things that you enjoy doing so much that you can do it effortlessly. Many artists, writers  and musicians flow for many hours!



Your goal of learning something new can be yoga.

Yoga is stillness;

finding ways to still yourself and let go of all of your tension.

Yoga poses can help you to get in touch with your mind, body and spirit.

When you become still and flow, the postures become easier to do.

Concentrating and focusing: Being Mindful

Finding a way to settle down and concentrate on a focal point can also be helpful to learning meditative type exercises. Find a spot on the wall- or anywhere, and concentrate on that only. Before you know it, you are with the flow of things. Becoming mindful means to let thoughts leave you. You think all the time, but mindfulness practice helps you to let the thoughts just float by you. The good, bad and ugly thoughts all flow by, and you are still.