Prevention of Diseases

Keeping yourself healthy. Try putting some herbs into your recipes!



There has been a lot of research lately on inflammation as the cause of many diseases including cancer.  Researchers are beginning to believe that it is more and more about what you eat!

Fiber News

In the highlights of many research is fiber. For some unknown reason, fibrous foods can help not only to decrease inflammation, but also to decrease pain in the body. Inflammation and pain seem to go hand and hand.

Diets that are Inflammatory

Many nutritionists and doctors are developing anti-inflammatory diets which include eating whole grains, unsaturated fats such as plant oils, fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and moderate amounts of dairy such as yogurt.

What to Avoid?

Red meat, butter, sweets and anything white such as rice potatoes and pasta.


In an online article from The Wall Street Journal,  there has been much research on doctors ordering the C-reactive protein test for patients that they feel are at risk for heart attack and stroke because of inflammation.

This discovery concerns obesity and how it promotes inflammation and  the concern is  over the visceral fat that settles around some patient’s middle.

Peter Libby, MD found that the cytokines that develop in the fat cells begin the process of inflammation. This professor at Harvard Medical School is the chief of the division of cardiovascular medicine and  he stated: ” The most important step patients can take is to lose excess weight. which will reduce inflammation in a matter of weeks or months.”

Recommendations from the American Heart Association

Consume both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids:

Omega -3 Cold water fish like salmon and canola oil

Omega-6  nuts, seeds and vegetable oils such as corn oil

Increase dietary consumption of fiber: Fiber is associated with higher levels of a protein hormone that improves insulin sensitivity which also lower levels of inflammation. This fiber research was done by Norman Pollock, a researcher at Georgia Health Sciences University.

Taken in part from: The New Science Behind America’s Deadliest Diseases. The Wall Street Journal. July 16, 2012.