Losing and Keeping the Weight At Bay

I have been retired for 3 years this past August, and my greatest fear in life has finally past. It was losing and keeping my weight in a normal, balanced way.


Did you ever feel like you were riding a ferris wheel of weight loss and gain? Round and round you go, and never seem to lose and keep the weight off!!

Since my retirement, I have a decreased stress life.  I love to exercise, eat right and help others learn how to stay healthy and fit.

Just a few years ago, I had a job that put my blood pressure to shame. I had hypertension for many years, and I know that I needed to do something.  Now that I have, my new goal includes writing on my blog interesting and helpful guides for others to keep themselves healthy and well. I also continue to volunteer where I used to work, running a group on staying healthy and well. I hope that this contribution will help many people who need to be healthier!

Here are  a few tips on becoming more active which will help with staying healthy and well.

Doing fun things that are active: Dancing and Tapping your foot to the music!

Last night I went to a concert where there were many people gathering to listen and watch some entertainment at a local shopping center. Here are a few pictures to see the fun!


Elvis did a great job singing to people individually. They loved the attention!

More spectators than dancers at this event!

The Boys of Summer and Elvis were great. This outdoor event was at the Southgate Plaza last night!

Terry Buckwell as Elvis. Very entertaining!