Facing things to come

Want to really have some fun? Play with your kids or grandkids. Or take a walk in your neighborhood and observe children and adults at play!




I have always thought that I had it together with life and death, but lately I am not sure.

My confidence has dwindled due to foreseeing that I have to come to terms with aging.

Not just my own, but my parents and other family members.

People are starting to look old to me, including myself, and therefore getting in touch with the fact that no one lives forever is something that I ponder on a regular basis.

On Death and Dying

Elizabeth Kubler -Ross wrote books about grieving and loss, with all the steps that you go through when you lose someone. It helps, but loss can be difficult.

Everyone grieves in different ways. Loses are complicated. It is not only death loses that are significant, but the loss of a job or spouse through divorce can also be a long and painful recovery.

Recovery and Wellness

It has been 3 years since my retirement and I still feel like I grieve part of that. I miss being in the groove of work. A sort of every day event. Something that is predictable. You go to work, go home, complain about it and go back the next day.

I guess I should not be so concerned not having much to complain about. Most of my days are filled with doing things I truly enjoy. I hope that everyone reading this today tries to step out of their predictable world and do some of the things they enjoy.