Keeping off the Weight As We Head Toward Colder Weather

The past year has been great because I have lost some weight. I know that it is a combination of things that I have done such as a good diet, exercise and my recent addition of natural supplemental products that have helped me to not only lose the weight but keep it off.

Moving toward our winter months in New York

The most difficult thing is keeping off the weight, especially in the winter when most of us would rather be couch potatoes than go out in the cold and get some air.  I have discovered that when I do get out, it is better than I imagined. The weather does not have to stop you from exercising or just taking a walk. Think of all the winter activities that you can do with friends. Even some indoor fun at the gym or planning a trip to the mall for a mall walk. Many people walk the shopping  malls in the winter for some exercise. Begin to plan! I have learned to love the cold weather~ not as much as the summertime, but I enjoy the change of season. Just as we may need to make changes, the weather is a change we need to accept.

Preparing yourself for the Changing Seasons

Get some warm clothing in preparation for the event, and get out there. There is evidence that you can burn more calories when you are cold!!

Why do we resist changes in our lives?

It may be difficult to plan for keeping your weight stable, and it is a challenge to accept the changes that come along, especially if it is a few added pounds to your waist. Give yourself some postivie strokes and begin a weight reduction and stabilization plan that works for you. Here is a before and after picture of me that I am proud of. I know that when I look at the pictures especially the before, I decide that my changes over the past year are good ones!

Before picture

After picture!! I am proud!