The Sugar-holic

You are what you eat!


The Question? Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

For those who eat a sugar laced diet, there may be a connection. People who live on junk-food do have an overproduction of insulin, especially the sugar-holics.  Blood sugar does keep on rising as one keeps on ingesting carbohydrates!

obesity , just as alcohol addiction can be genetic.  Emotional symptoms such as binging on sugar can be a result of a shortage of vitamins and minerals. Therefore people who live on sugary foods, or junk foods consisting of high carbohydrates such as french fries and burgers can be setting themselves up for diabetes.

Balancing yourself

Your body and mind needs a balance. You need to eat nutritionally sound foods and take supplements if you are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Many of us concentrate on staying mentally sound by taking up exercise and dieting, but if your diet is deficient, or if you eat too few calories, you health may be affected.

A healthy diet is filled with lots of fruits and vegetables, limited fatty foods and dairy along with lean protein.

Foods to avoid: Meats

processed foods such as bacon, cold cuts, hot dogs, salami, sausages, canned meat

Vegetables to avoid

Pickles (sweet)

Potato chips and fries

Relishes (sweet)

White rice

If you ignore your nutritional needs, you will pay for it later in life.

Grains to avoid:

white flour

crackers (white)

pancakes from white flour




Taken in part from: Larson, JM. Depression Free, Naturally.  New York.NY. Ballantine Books