End of Summer

Soon biking will be replaced by walking through the snow!


Summer comes to an end

It is the end of a long, nice summer here in Buffalo, New York.

Hopefully, as in our  last summer, we will also have a very nice fall.

The colors are already beginning on the trees, bright yellows and oranges.  The evenings are enjoyable and we are able to sit outdoors watching the moon and stars.

Riding my bike for some long rides has been my quest this week. I am trying to get in all that I  can before I have to put my bike in storage for the long winter season.

Today, with the wind blowing a bit strong, I probably exercised more because of going against the wind!

There is a song about being against the wind~ we all need to go against the grain sometimes and make some needed changes.

The end of the summer is a great time for changes.

Maybe making some needed changes can help to save yourself from the blues.

Perhaps losing a few pounds, or quitting a nasty habit may help. You  may want to do some good deeds for others. Mow your neighbor’s lawn or volunteer to help a friend move.

Doing something special for someone else always helps me to feel much better.

Is is hard to accept change?

For me, yes! I love the summer. The grass is green, the corn stand is right across the street!

It is nice to have the seasons, spring, summer and fall, but winter seems to be too long! Last year we were spoiled by an easy wintertime. I only had to shovel once. That is probably a record for me. Usually we shovel out of at least 5 or 6 major storms that can keep us in the house for days!!

For many, winter comes and goes without a hitch! For me, it is long and cold. My remedy for helping myself through the cold days is to buck up and go outside. I bundle up and take a walk no matter how cold. This seems to help me, especially when the sun is shining.

Vitamin D

Here in NY, we really have to make sure we get enough vitamin D in the wintertime. Due to the lack of sunshine, a lack of the natural vitamin D from the sun can also bring about  Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many people need to take supplements to help prevent depression in the winter.

So take a tip from me and plan well. Plan what you are going to do to combat the winter months, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Live for today, make every moment in your life count. You cannot change with will happen tomorrow anymore than being able to change the past. The only thing that is changeable is your present moment, so keep it fun!