What to do about aging?

Do many people become more spiritual as they age?



The body and mind ages, but the spirit stays intact?   Yes and No!

I guess it can depend on how well you took care of yourself throughout the many years you have been on this earth. People who enriched all their areas of being are probably the healthiest!

Things to do that may slow down the aging process

You can still find your spiritual side of life by helping others which also helps you too. Finding ways such as volunteering your time can help you to feel accomplished, loving and spiritual.

Staying  as intact as you can throughout your life by doing things that make you feel good ~ or even smile more can definitely help you to age better.

Stimulating our mind, body and spirit

I believe that we need to stimulate things inside of ourselves that can help us to stay healthy in all parts.

We can fill our time with healthy living activities such as exercise which can stimulate the body, healthy living readings and learning which can stimulate the mind and healthy spiritual meditations to stimulate the spirit.

So stay healthy in all avenues of life and you may not live longer than you are supposed to~ but you will be happier, and that is what is really important.

Looking forward to aging

Aging is not  something to look forward to for some people.

The aging body and mind can be hard to understand.

You go through your life looking forward to your retirement time and then something happens to tell you you must slow down. If you do want to age gracefully, you may have to set some life goals that keep you healthy such as eating healthier, living better through exercise and activities and finding you quiet side through meditation and prayer.


Try to stay as healthy as possible.