Good Health

There are many programs, ideas and strategies to good health, but the Eastern philosophy seems to hold the most truth about living life fully. One anonymous one that I find to hold true is this one.

Ten Ways to good health

Less Alcohol        ~      More Tea

Less Meat             ~       More Vegetables

Less Salt                ~      More Vinegar

Less Sugar            ~       More Fruit

Less Eating            ~       More Chewing

Less Words           ~        More Action

Less Greed           ~        More Giving

Less Worry          ~         More Sleep

Less Driving        ~        More Walking

Less Anger           ~        More Laughter

I try my best to follow these suggestions!

The truth is- if we all take a look at these daily~ we will begin each day on a positive note!


There is nothing more positive than the smell of lavender in the air. Grow your own, and you can make lavender oil, soap or even tea!