Perspective: Looking at things in a different way

Every single time I think that I have had the worse day of my life, someone tells me a story that tops all my troubles. I find that I write more when I feel troubled, and it helps! But when I wallow in some self pity at times, I find that the best thing for me to do is find someone to talk to. This helps to put things in perspective for the day.

“What about Me!” goes away and you can center yourself on finding ways to help someone else find their perspective for the day.

I do so much for others that people call me on it sometimes, they tell me, ” you should do¬† more for yourself.” I find that this advice really does not help me a all. Advice never seems to help anyone, you have to find your own way in life. Doing things that help you to feel good about yourself.

So I stepped out of my funk today to go to the market and take some pictures with a bit of a different perspective than I usually do. Here they are:

Going to the market to get the freshest veggies and fruits will always be a great time for me!

As a child, I went to this theater and it still looks the same~ but my perspective is different. Now it is a good memory in my life