Can you manage diabetes through good nutrition?

Fresh fruits and veggies are best for a healthy diet.

The research on good nutrition is very positive.  Eating healthy can help many people stay within their target blood sugar. If you have diabetes you need to think differently about the food you eat. Here is some information  that may help you according to the ADA -American Diabetes Association, from the Merck on diabetes.

Start smart with some good carbs:  Starches

Put some Carbohydrates in your body because they are your main energy source. Good carbs:

Starch: a good source of starch are potatoes, green peas and corn. Experts recommend that about half of your daily foods should come from carbs. Other good sources of starches include grains such as  oats, barley and rice.

Fiber: Everyone is talking about fiber!

Good sources include: beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables and  whole-grain products. Fiber can help to slow the rise of blood sugar in your body, making it  easier to stay within your blood glucose target zone.

Soluble fiber: found in oats, apples and citrus fruit can also help your cholesterol


There are some healthy fats including unsaturated ones such as nuts and oils such as avocado, and olive oil. Non fried fish such as salmon and mackerel are also good choices.

Stay away from the bad fats: Limit your full-dairy products such as ice cream, sour cream and cheese as well as fatty meats, chicken skin and bacon.

Other tips on fats: Look at labels and stay away from margarine, shortening and many processed packaged food such as crackers and chips. If the package list trans fats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat- do not purchase it!
Taken in part from :  Managing Diabetes Through Good Nutrition. Merck Engage. 5/30/2012