Remembering with joy

The older I get, the more I seem to reminisce on past experiences.

Sometimes I get caught up in it and have to take a step back to remember the way it really was.

It seems that when I remember things, sometimes they seem better than it really is!

This is unfortunate because I truly would like to remember things the way they really are, without the sentimental ways that I have developed. I think it was better in the past only because I cannot remember it all in detail. The details fade as we fade into the past.


Writing about it helps because maybe it will help to rewrite some of the bad memories, and not remember past events  with depressing  tears. But remember them with some joy in one’s heart.

If we could block out  the bad, and  just remember the good things in life,  maybe life would be better, maybe not- but perhaps more boring. Some chaos and grief in life is needed.

Making Changes

I want to change some of the ways that I think about things.

I want to believe that most of my life has been filled with joyful events that I will remember until the day that I die.

This is a good beginning to my “remembering with joy” goal that I have decided to begin.

Remembering with joy means picking out the good memories and placing them in a special part of my brain that I can easily grab and smile about.


Beginning with my childhood, I would like to remember the fun and happiness at just being a kid. Playing outside, loving my first dog, finding a cat to love and playing with my sisters on the beach.

Teen years

Next, I would like to remember my teen years with much pleasure. Pleasure and joy of meeting new friends, dating the best looking boy I could find, and seeing my parents as vulnerable people instead of always being right!

Middle Years

In the middle of my life, discovering new things and challenging myself with different careers.

Discovering still more new friends and looking up and finding some old ones who  would still would like to reminisce with me!

Later Years

Believing that it was okay that some things important to me ended.

Believing that all good things do come to an end.

Remembering with joy all the people who are still in my life.