Stay on the spiritual side of life

A good way to get in touch with your inner self is to grow something. You also reap the benefit of aromatherapy, especially with herbs. Lavender can help you to be calm, centered and in touch with your spiritual self.



Many people want help on how to live better. What I have found in my life is that you may need to get in touch with your spiritual side in order to feel healthy in mind, body and soul.

Some of us already know that there is a connection  between spirituality and healing.

There is physical health: which includes the health areas that you need to pay attention to: your weight, control of blood pressure, exercise

There is mental health: What are you going to do today to protect your emotions and mental health?

There is social health: What are you going to do with others today that can help you, and may even motivate you to stay healthy?

There is spiritual health:  How do you feed your spirit? Do you meditate? Do you pray?

We are spiritual beings regardless of a religious affiliation. We need to feed our spirits with helpful activities that keep us healthy.

I believe that a daily spiritual walk for about a half hour can help you to get in touch with not only yourself, but in touch with nature and the beauty of the earth. Being with others can also feed your spiritual being by doing for others.

Taken in part from L Kong, S. (2003) A Minute for your Health: The ABCs for Improved Health and Longevity. Roscoe, Ill., Hilton Publishing