Staying Centered and Grounded in Life

Smell some lavender. The smell alone can calm me down. I just pick a little and then sit down and breathe!




I did not realize it until yesterday that I have not been doing my yoga exercises as much as I should. I figured it out when I started to have some pain.

I could not believe that a few weeks without the balance and centering routine would really put me over the edge, but it did. We all may need to find something in life that gives us balance. Balancing your mind, body and spirit is essential to life.

Balance yourself

For instance~ stand on one foot and then the other~ do you notice a difference in your balance from one foot to the other? Sometimes we are more balanced on one side, and that should be taken into consideration for daily activities. So the next time you want to balance yourself, stand on one foot and then the other!

Balance your body~ do not do just cardio exercises, you need active and passive types of exercise for your body to feel good. Yoga can be your passive way (or tai chi) and walking or running your active way.

Balance your mind~ Do not do too many things at once. Pace yourself. Moderation is the key to living life with love and peaceful times

Balance your soul~ Find ways to touch nature. Take a long meditative walk and listen to the birds. Feel the warm breezes of summer.


Try meditating. It sounds like a lot of trouble, and you will not be good at it for a long time, but you need to be quiet each day. Set a time and a place to just be~ without any distractions. I am going to wait until my grand daughter goes home tomorrow and then meditate- or sleep~ She takes a lot of energy from me!

Start out slow and practice just a few yoga poses

I love downward dog. It is easy, and it gets the blood flowing to your head. We all need our blood to flow freely. Become an expert at just a few poses. Do not try to take on the world, and become an expert.

I also love the pose Eagle. It is difficult for me, but I love to stand tall like an eagle, or flow like a tree. I try to do those two poses with expertise! They are both balancing poses and require a lot of concentration and even a little meditating to perform.


Stretching exercises in yoga can really help you to reduce pain, or prevent injury. Just raising your arms to the ceiling and stretching back and forth can help to get you limber and feeling better.

Find your pose~ and find peace in the moment.