Slowing down

Orange flowers make me feel energized! They pick you up on a down day. Find some sunshine in your life.

Is there more to do with life?

I keep thinking that there must be more to do with my life. I am getting older and beginning to struggle with what I have not completed in life instead of just enjoying myself.

I have friends who no longer work, and I still do. I even have a job that is hard enough to keep me complaining about it. I have been told that a more mindless job would help, but I tried a few and it did not.

I guess my real struggle is not with doing new things or wanting more money- it is about meaningful things to do. I find meaning in helping out with my grand kids, so I do that too. My children need help, and they are just beginning their careers. Maybe I am jealous that mine is not still blooming. Well, to be honest, it never did bloom, it just gave me a lot of headaches, trouble with my weight, and high blood pressure!

Pleasure and Pain

It may be that I should change my attitude of expecting painful, hard work. Instead I need to find more pleasure and joy out of life.

Changing is difficult, even if it really helps you. Through mind-body techniques I may be able to find my purpose in life. I think I have slowed down on finding peace in life.

You get what you expect you are going to get is a very profound statement. Changing your thought process to one that seeks pleasure instead of painful events in your life may be all that is needed.

Step 1 toward wellness in mind, body and spirit!


Today will be the first  day of the rest of my life

Today I will begin to find pleasurable things to do. I will only do what I really want to do for one complete day!