When you need some time alone, take a walk along a beach to de-stress. It helps.


Sometimes I wish that I can be more moderate with some of the things that I do.

Taking on too much

I seem to get caught up in adding many things to my agenda and then it falls apart literally!

I am not sure why I do what I do, but it is definitely not moderate.

The Mind, Body and Spiritual Connection

On the other hand, I am moderate about what I eat, and I take my time with meals. I also  take time to exercise daily and  I am usually good about keeping my mind under control. There are times when I may have some difficulty with anger, but I am able to calm myself, get centered and move on from most  problems in my life.

I guess we all need to think about what it is that we may be doing in excess so that we can begin to listen to ourselves and slow down a bit.


Moderation can also include bad habits that may be getting in your way. Controlling bad habits to trim them down into moderate living may be difficult at first.

You may need to find some step -by- step way of eliminating the bad things in your life that may be stopping you from being healthier. Sometimes we do not even realize that we are taking on too much until someone tells us. We may feel a bit stressed out, but we do not connect that it is something we are doing to ourselves. Insight is important. You need to sit down and be insightful on the things that you may be doing to yourself or others that just are not very healthy!

Tips on Moderation

1. Take your time with tasks that may be complicated.

Sometimes rushing through things can make them more time consuming later on when you have to re-do.

2. Be moderate with your stress.

When you feel angry or stressed out about things in general, find some alone time to calm yourself and plan better strategies to moderate your stress. De-stress with some friends. Talking about your problems in life can help you develop better ways of dealing with things.