More Joy

The smell of lavender helps me to feel calm, centered and joyful!

We all Need to Grow Something


I love growing things. It brings meaningful moments to my life, especially when it is herbs. I can use them for oils and creams, prepare great dressings for my salads and find pleasure and joy in  meaningful moments planting, feeding and watching the wonders of nature as they grow and flourish.




More joy, less pain

More joy sounds like a great idea. Put more joy into yourself and your life by doing something for someone else. I like to think of it as you have to give in order to receive anything in life.

Make a goal to put more meaning in your life by giving more of yourself. You will not believe how much better you begin to feel.

You are what you think

You are exactly what you think you are, so if you begin to think you are great – you are great! Begin to live your life with more joy.  Joyful, meaningful moments every day of your life.

Bring Love into others’ Lives

Paying it forward to others can only bring more love and meaning to your life.

Make a difference in someone else’s life. Have positive relationhips with many people. Explore what being more positive means to you.

Find your purpose in life

Find meaningful things to do with yourself.  Stop complaining about things and begin to center yourself on what you need to do with your life before it is over.