Tired of eating meat? Try other products such as Soy

Growing your own food can be fun. This is my red lettuce.

Soy foods and their uses comes for Active Wellness by Gayle Reichler. Eating more natural foods that are packed with protein is a great idea. I try to grow my own foods during the summertime because I do not have to worry about what was sprayed on my tomatoes or lettuce because they are pesticide free!


Soy foods such as tofu which is soy bean curd can take on almost any flavor that you add. I marinate my tofu in spices such as curry and cinnamon. I also just drain it, chop it into small squares and spray a pan with cooking spray. While steaming I add a few drops of low sodium soy sauce. I then add some veggies of my choice.

Soy sauce,Tamari and Miso  These are seasonings for soups, sauces, meats and marinades. They are made of fermented soy beans, however they can be high in sodium so be careful of how much you use in your recipes.

Soy Flour is a ground form of soy used to thicken gravies and soups. It can add protein to baked goods and used in recipes replacing the regular flour with soy flour.

Soy Nuts are roasted soy, a great high protein snack. Look for the dry roasted ones.

Soy Cheeses are a good source of protein for your diet. They sell soy cheese in slices just like the regular cheese but it is much lower in calories. Some people have problems with it melting like regular cheese but I think it takes longer because of the lack of fat in its content.

Tempeh is fermented soybean cakes usually combined with grains. It is packed with protein. Best used with a marinade to complement the taste. I just marinated some tempeh on the grill. I used barbecue sauce and wrapped it in foil, placing it on the grill for about 5 minutes each side.

Taken in part from : Reichler, G. (1998) Active Wellness: Feel Good For Life.  New York, NY. Time-Life