The Heat of Summer

We are having a hot spell for the next few days so get out the sunscreen and drink lots of water. It has been 2 summers in a roll that we have had really nice weather in Buffalo.

And we thought that last winter would be a bad one because  we had such a nice summer- but it wasn’t!

We deserve the summer fun.

We spend most of our winter indoors, so enjoy the time you have to be outside enjoying life.

Remember that dehydration can be subtle so drink a lot of water today!!

Here is a summertime dressing for your salad. I used all my herbs from my garden today.

 Multi- Herb Dressing

You will need fresh: basil, parsley, and sage, just a hand full and a food processor

Add it to 1/2 cup Vinegar of your choosing. I used apple cider today. Also add 1 clove crushed garlic and 2 tablespoons olive oil.

It turns into a nice green fresh dressing with very few calories!

Here are  the fresh herbs that I used from my garden:

I love growing vegetables and herbs in the summertime. I think I will bring them into my home in the winter this year to have summer herbs all year. I have been told that if you have the perfect window full of sunshine, you can even grow tomatoes in the winter!

Here are my tomatoes that I am growing to make my salad perfect!

Parsley is a strong herb that you can taste in the dressing!

Sage has a sharp flavor but so very good in a dressing!

Fresh basil is so good for you!