Having Compassion with Yourself


It is not always just black and white. There are some gray areas when it comes to losing and keeping your weight maintained.

Having Compassion

If you want to be successful with your goals, take it easy on yourself. Many people are hard on themselves when it comes to motivation and “stick -to-it-ness” especially when it comes to losing weight.

You need to first accept yourself the way you are. Everyone has an occasional relapse when it comes to staying focused on your goals.

When you except yourself with all your flaws and positive qualities, you can become more motivated and successful in your pursuit of healthy living goals.

Try not to always focus on the scale. There are many other types of accomplishments such as losing inches or building more stamina.  When I was just beginning my healthy living goal, I was only able to walk. Now I run, ride a bike and lift weights.

Forgiving yourself

Remember that you need to forgive yourself from your past problems and move on. Learning how to forgive yourself and others is  the first step toward wellness and mind, body and soul!

Maintaining your Weight

Maintaining your weight is part of a process. After you lose the weight you need to, you need to focus on a new goal of maintaining your goal.

This may be the hardest step! Look at your past experiences to gain insight into how you can keep the weight at bay! There are many people who have. They say that if you keep it off  for at least 5-7 years, you are there! A maintainer.

Here is a priority List for you:

1.What are the goals that I have already accomplished?


2. What is the goal that I am working on right now?


3. What are my future, upcoming goals that I am moving toward?


Taken in part from: Reichler, G. (1998) Active Wellness: Feel Good For Life. New York, NY. Time-Life

Sometimes we need to take baby steps toward our larger goals. Make a small goal first. For a weight loss, you may want to just lose 2 pounds this week instead of 20 pounds for the month. Make them small and you will have a better change for overall success.