How to Keep your Mind Healthy

Take a ride on a boat. It will help with your stress. Just being by water can decrease your stress and anxiety!

Many of us think that it is important to keep our physical being well. We diet and exercise, cut out the fat and even count calories (some of us!).How come we don’t take as much care of our mental self? Well, I have had a lot of experience in mental health and here are a few tips on how to keep the anxiety down, the stress at bay and the depression a thing of the past! Sounds like a large task, and it is.



1. First and foremost, take care of your stress. If you are doing too much, cut something out. For example, I have been puttering around trying to find new experiences. I found a few jobs that keep me busy, so when I added one more thing, it put me on overload. Therefore, I have to eliminate one of the extras that I have taken on, or cut back. Cutting back means slowing down a bit to catch your breath!

2. Anxiety. Many people tell me that they are anxious a lot. Anxiety can be dreadful, so a cure for that is important. When I feel anxious, I first try some deep breathing. Not hyperventilating of course, just some breaths that slow you down. You can also take a long walk, that in itself can help to slow you down.

3. Take care of you first. You know how they say on a plane to put the oxygen on yourself first before you give your child some. This is true about life in general. Give yourself some time away from your kids! You need some oxygen to keep you centered and well.

4. A well mind is well read. Keep up with your reading. Many of us do nothing except sit behind a computer. Try a good book. Reading is so soothing. Don’t read on your computer. If you find something good to read online, print it up and cozy up in your living room next to a good reading lamp. Find these quiet times to keep your mind healthy.

5. For depressive times I always look for a good friend to talk it out. Sometimes seeing others’ point of view can really help our down times. I also make sure to get plenty of sunlight, especially in our cold weather climate in Buffalo, New York. In the winter, we are seriously deprived of Vitamin D, and may need to take supplements in order to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder.

If  you are seriously depressed, seek out a mental health practitioner who can help you to sort things out. And remember, we all need help sometimes.