You are what you think you are?

Yes, if you think it, it becomes your mantra. Cognitive researchers say that you can  put yourself  in command by getting rid of common distortions.

Research shows that if you look at yourself closely enough- especially the things in your life that disturb you- you can work on changing.

Applying New Thinking

For example, applying new thinking to your daily life can help you develop new behaviors. This can also apply to staying at a healthy weight.

What Kinds of Thoughts Lead to Over Eating?

Learn about the thoughts that you have that lead to emotional eating and  bad behaviors such as eating too fast, waiting too long before you eat and skipping important meals like breakfast!

Is it About the Food?

It might not be about the food. It just might be your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that need to be changed.  Dr. Beck,  a Cognitive Therapist feels strongly that many of us talk our way into problems behaviors.  We think black and white. We have no middle.We distort what is real and fall into negative thinking about ourselves and the way we look.  You may need to resist the habit of falling into negative details about yourself.  And overgeneralizing the facts. What is the reality of your situation with food?

Feelings about Positive Behaviors

Some people even dismiss their good achievements by telling themselves and others that it is just luck. Do not dismiss your achievements, they are a part of becoming a more positive person. Tell yourself about your positive qualities. Make a list!


Taken in part from: Fugh-Berman, A. (1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press, Inc.