Motivation to Make Changes


How do we get motivated enough to make any changes in our lives? I know that there are many things that continue to motivate me throughout my life such as good health.

I want to stay healthy as I age, so I know that I have to continue to adjust myself- including my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. This can be a big job.

For physical Wellness

You definitely are what you eat. So if you need to make changes in your diet such as reduction, portion control or eating better quality, you better get on the band wagon before you are too old to reap the benefits of a new, healthier you!

Of course, physical wellness is also about the dreaded exercise. Many of us do not do enough. Maybe if you find some kind of exercise that you truly like- you will do it. Mine is bicycling, but in the winter I cannot do it- so I have to switch it up with some hard core walking in the snow which they say is just as good as running in the sand!

My spiritual wellness

This one should be special to all of us The  nature which surrounds us is our call to spiritual wellness.

I  believe in a spiritual awakening related to religion, but I also think that we all need to see the beauty in nature that God has created for us. And the beauty in others. Just helping 1 person a day can be your spiritual challenge.

Take a walk, look around,  and get intouch with your spirit.

The Beauty of Silence

Silence is another way. Being silent for 1 full day is a tough assignment, but if you are up to the challenge, give it a try.


On Staying Mentally Well

This one is difficult if you are a busy person who may have a lot of stress.

Taking care of the daily happenings in one’s family can be stressful.

We all need to take time for ourselves. This time is special. A time where you can find pleasant ways to stay calm and centered. I love modalities such as yoga and relaxation techniques, they always help.

Take some time each day to meditate, visualizing the changes in your life that you need to make.