Trying too hard and losing patience with yourself can be a problem

I have trouble with patience. I tell myself that I can handle things but then I move toward my limits. Taking on too many tasks or just feeling overwhelmed.

If you also have that problem with feeling like you over task yourself, you should try a few of these tips that you may need in your day to day work with patience.

1. Try to organize yourself and then your many tasks will not seem like so much.

2. Step away from things, sometimes you need a different perspective on what you are trying to accomplish.

3. Ask for help. Asking for help from a friend or someone who may be an expert in your task could really help you out!

This is why they say that patience is a virtue. It is a skill that needs tending on a daily basis.

4. Put it away. Put whatever you are doing away in your mind!!

Sometimes you have to give up on some things. If you are like me, that is not in your head during any project or event in your life so you may have to spread out tasks into smaller ones in order to manage.

The best tip is to step away- new perspectives really can help!

Step away and do something fun

If you feel like some of your problem with patience is really a bad habit, you may want to try some holistic ways of helping  yourself such as alternatives. For example, taking my weekly yoga class really  helps me to feel centered in mind, body and spirit. Just dismissing the constant chatter in my head of all the things that I have to do for the day is worth getting out and spending time in inner peace and harmony.

Music also helps. Spend some time listening to quiet music so that you can be centered for the day, while visualizing yourself on a warm, sunny beach walking through the heated sand. I can already feel the warm sand between my toes.