Managing Reality: Can I Change?

In years past, people learned new things in a group setting with others of different ages and level of knowledge


If you need to make some changes in your life, you have to be honest with yourself, perhaps even humbling yourself. Take an inventory of the things that you need to change, and then go to it! I always have a list  that I check off periodically.  I have these three things that stay on my list, and I look at them often, to make sure I am on course.

I call them: Things I want to do before I meet my maker:

1. Help people to become healthier

2. Travel to far away places

3. Stay healthy myself through diet, exercise and stress reduction modalities.


Wake up and Smell the Coffee

When adversity comes, be ready for it by making the changes that you need to.

Learn how to cope with reality and adversity. It will always be there, so be ready!

If you do not change and ready yourself for challenges, your body, mind and soul will reap the consequences.

For example:  People who have difficulties with anger or being hostile toward others develop physical symptoms such as migraines, high blood pressure, and peptic ulcers.

People who hide from adversity never reap the rewards of a job well done. You need to be in touch with yourself, the good, bad and ugly, to be able to move forward in life and get the things you really want.

You can do it, but it takes time to make yourself more in touch with the reality of your life and what you have to do to make your future what you want it to be.

Asking for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Being a humble person makes it easier to ask for help. Humility promotes enjoyable and healthy relationships.

When you become open-minded and ask for help, you can learn a great deal from listening to others and observing how others cope with reality.

Learning New Things

Try to be in touch with yourself by learning new things. I manage to take a course at least once a year. Sometimes they are very difficult ones, sometimes fun. Last year I took a very difficult one on advanced nutrition that really challenged me.

Presently, I have taken an online health and wellness course, which included  nutrition, diet and exercise planning.

I am also taking a course to prepare  myself to  be a group leader and teach about weight reduction and lifestyle changes. The next learning experience for myself should be one that is out of my box! Something different.

Taken in part from: Twerski, A. (1990) Waking Up Just in Time. New York, NY. St. Martin’s Griffin