How to Change your Relationships to Better ones!


Open the door to a new relationship

We all get into a rut in life. Our relationships with others may be stale! Can we start over?


I want more out of all of my relationships in life, so I try to spend time with the people who need me the most!

Here are a few tips on building relations with others. In part taken from Betty Reid Mandell in her book on Human Services. She teaches people how to treat others!

Open and Honest Communication

Communication is at the forefront of any relationship along with warmth, openness, humanness and honesty. If you want change in any relationship, you need collaboration to make change possible:

1. Listen and reflect back to the person what you are feeling and thinking

2. Encourage the other person to tell about their feeling and thoughts

3. Be honest and admit you are human with limitations

4. Always protect the person’s confidentiality ( people lose a lot of friends with this one)

Remember that there is no point when it is over, and you do not have to work on the relationship. It is an ongoing process that needs a lot of tending. Just like a garden, it does not grow well without constant watering, feeding and sunlight!

Mandell, B and Schram, B. ( 1985) Human Services.  New York, NY. McMillian Publishing Company